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Providing services and support for Arizona citizens with disabilities since 1971

Tucson Residence Foundation Support Options

Group Homes

TRF currently operates 10 group homes in the Tucson Metro area.

Each home provides up to 24 hours of support per day. Trained staff assist, teach and encourage residents in all aspects of daily living. Supervision levels are determined by the Support team. An individually designed support plan guides the efforts of our staff and provides a “blueprint” for the service outcomes we collectively hope to achieve. Self-help and daily living skill development as well as socialization, recreation and leisure are promoted in a structured supportive home environment.

Each residence is assigned a vehicle to provide transportation to school, work, day supports, recreational activities, medical appointments, etc. TRF encourages all residents to be active members of their community.


Specialized Residential Options

Since 1997, TRF has provided residential support to individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome. PWS is a rare genetic disorder present at birth that is characterized by an insatiable appetite which leads to chronic overeating (hyperphagia), weak muscle tone (hypotonia) and often intellectual impairment and behavioral difficulties. The cause remains unknown.  Incorporating many of the principles, guidelines and suggestions established by the National Association (, TRF provides dietary, behavioral, and social supports in select residential settings.

With an established record of success for nearly 20 years, Tucson Residence Foundation has been recognized as a leader in providing services to individuals with PWS.



For more information, please contact Richard San Jose at our main office at 520-790–9144 or


Individually Designed Living Arrangements (IDLA)

Individually Designed Living Arrangements provide an alternative to traditional group home living. IDLAs are non-licensed residences in which individuals lease or own a home or apartment and TRF provides the support services identified by the interdisciplinary team. IDLAs are typically smaller settings, most often 1 or 2 residents. Staffing support varies and is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual.

TRF supports over thirty (30) IDLAs in the Tucson community. Each site is chosen by the individual and reflects his/her personal preference. Agency support staff encourage self-reliance, skill development and safety while promoting community involvement.


Supported Living Services (SLS)

TRF provides in home support services to individuals living in their own home or apartment. These services are designed for adults who may need minimal support to continue living independently. Often this support enables the person to fully participate in their community. In many cases our staff provides skill training/refinement based on an assessment of need. There may be a specific skill deficit or barrier that prevents the person from living a fuller life. In addition to daily living skills such as cooking, laundry, and grooming; our SLS services focus on socialization, developing relationships and accessing community resources.




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