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Providing services and support for Arizona citizens with disabilities since 1971

The Self-Determination Fund



Tucson Residence Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping individuals with disabilities lead meaningful self-directed lives in the greater Tucson community. Too often individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are relegated to congregate living with few choices regarding the location, neighborhood, type of house, or whether to live alone or with a housemate of their choosing.


Now with the help of the self-determination fund these options are possible. By providing the resources necessary to transition to self-directed housing our members have choices previously unavailable to them. Over the past two years our fund has covered the cost of the one-time expenses associated with moving into your own home or apartment. In some cases it may be a security deposit or first and last month’s rent payment, in others it may be a bed or dinette set, for others, pots and pans, housewares, small appliances or a supply of food staples to get started.


Through the generosity of our supporters we can now help our members who have limited resources choose a housing option that was previously unattainable.

All donations (100%) are tax deductible and are maintained in the Self Determination Fund. This fund is administered through the Foundation and awards are granted throughout the year and limited to $1000.00 per member each year.


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On behalf of all the people who benefit from the Self Determination Fund, I thank you for considering Tucson Residence Foundation.





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